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Who are we?

We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic language instructors and linguists. Together we are called Universal Language Centre. We are here to share our linguistic knowledge and provide you with all the relevant resources you need for efficient language learning. Learning a foreign language is like a journey and be sure we will make it enjoyable for you.

Our mission:

Studying process in UKULC

Our mission is global - to assist language learners all over the globe with the necessary resources.

No matter how long you have been studying the foreign language since school or you are just planning to start- we still can help you find the most suitable course or the best learning materials, whatever.

Whether you are an independent learner or you are attending some courses, we have the right materials to meet your language learning needs.

If you are a language teacher, visit our site once in a while and you will find the innovative teaching methods to bringing variety to your classroom.

Why can this site be useful to you?

Because we have all the necessary information to help you master a foreign language. Now you can find answers to your questions about foreign language studying in one place - at UKULC. We hope that the materials on our site will make the language learning process efficient and fulfilling for you.

On our site you can find:

  • The links to the latest learning and teaching materials on many foreign languages.
  • Information about importance of languages
  • Information about the language courses in your area.
  • Interesting facts about different languages.
  • Helpful articles on language learning and other information on online degrees and online colleges.

    Importance of languages

    The importance of learning different languages can´┐Żt be overestimated. Learning languages is important due to opportunities that it gives. People learn languages for various reasons. Some languages are widely spoken all over the world and for this only reason should be learned. In any case, it is always important to learn a new language. It is a great plus to person´┐Żs experience while applying to a new job and can be a key factor in further career development.

    There are people who received jobs just because they could speak many languages. The reason for that is that knowing many languages makes one more flexible and many-sided. When company needs to send somebody abroad to a business trip, the one who knows a language of the destination country will be considered the first. In other words, you should know a foreign language if you want your job to be interesting and full of adventures.

    Even if one doesn´┐Żt know the specific language needed, but knows a couple of other different languages, it may also be important, as it is a sign that this person can easily learn languages, and will probably have no difficulties in learning the needed language. Knowing foreign languages is important if one wants to get a job in embassy. Sometimes it is even important to know 2 foreign languages if you want to apply for a job abroad. For instance you should know both English and French if you want to get a good job in Canada.

    Learning languages is a significant part of educational system which can´┐Żt be overestimated. It is important in communication between different countries and leads to better understanding of each other cultures. Nowadays student exchange is something very common. No one can study in other country without knowing a language of the country. In other words you can study biology or philosophy abroad but it will be impossible without studding the language first.

    Interesting facts about different languages

    There are a lot of language families, but the largest one is Indo-European family. It includes 46 percent of all languages and is the most spread all over the world. Although all people generally think about the same things and live quite similar lives, they use different languages to express the same thoughts and to tell about the same feelings. Each language has its unique origin and interesting facts about it. Here are some facts about languages that may seem entertaining to you: There is a sentence in English language that can be read in reverse and still be the same sentence: ´┐ŻWas it a car or a cat I saw´┐Ż. In the sentence ´┐ŻThe quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog´┐Ż is a sentence where all letters from alphabet are used.

    Basque, Hungarian and Chinese are three the most difficult languages to learn. Pirah´┐Ż is considered to be the easiest language in the world. I t is spoken by an Indonesian tribe called Pirah´┐Ż which consists of no more than 450 individuals.

    French is on the third place among the most common languages in the world. At the same time it is on the second place among languages which are taught in schools as foreign ones. English is on the first place of course. The easiest way to pronounce a word in German is to pronounce every letter in the word. After English, German is the second most popular language in the world as it is spoken by over 100 million people worldwide and is the national language of many countries.

    All languages have interesting facts and peculiarities so if you are going to start learning a foreign language you will be surprised how much new interesting facts you will learn apart of the language itself.

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